About Us

Here at Just Add™ were passionate about great tasting food and believe that everyone, regardless of their culinary experience, should have easy access to great ingredients and the opportunity to create truly delicious meals. Buying top quality ingredients and having the time to prepare can sometimes be time consuming in today's modern world; so we created our Just Add™ products to help you save time and money without compromising on taste. Our products are made from real ingredients to give your cooking fresh, authentic flavours; and are delivered in convenient, easy-to-use packaging meaning there is no waste and no mess!



A recent survey looking at dining out of the home reported that 62% of its respondents wanted to try new dishes. However, the fear of cooking something new and getting it wrong often prevents people from trying. At Just Add™, we actively promote innovation with food and want to take away that risk. This driving principle is shown through all our products, from our perfect portion controlled One Shot purées to our range of products for foodservice.


We are passionate about eliminating waste on all levels. As food manufacturers, we recycle 97% of our waste through initiatives like reusing packaging and building our own water treatment plant. All our packaging is designed with efficient use in mind; meaning less of the product (and less of your time) is wasted.


If you want great quality food then you need to use great quality ingredients and it’s now more important than ever to know what’s in our food. By auditing our growers we have complete traceability over all crops used, meaning that all Just Add™ products contain the best quality ingredients from sources we trust. Maintaining the highest quality processing plant and investing a high level of training in all our staff all contribute to bringing you a high calibre product.
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 The Just Add™ brand is manufactured by JDM Food Group. For more information, please visit www.jdmfoodgroup.co.uk