One Shots



Our range of Just Add™ One Shots cater for all tastes. Whether you feel like cooking Asian, Mediterranean, Oriental - or even adding some innovation to your traditional dishes - One Shot has it covered. These perfect portion controlled sachets eliminate waste and provide your dish with just the right amount of flavour to pack a powerful punch.



one shot chilli



Just Add™ One Shot Chilli (35g):
Give your curries a spicy kick with our One Shot Chilli. Made with real chilli peppers, this puree delivers strong flavour but with a mild heat and a gentle, smooth after taste.



one shot garlic


Just Add™ One Shot Garlic (35g):
Why not add a powerful hit to your mayonnaise with our One Shot Garlic? Made with fresh garlic, this puree imparts the characteristic of sweet, warm allium, giving your dishes that well-loved flavour whilst being low in salt. 



one shot basil
Just Add™ One Shot Basil (35g):
Create delicious pasta dishes with our One Shot Basil. Made with freshly chopped basil, this puree captures the authentic and aromatic flavours of Mediterranean cooking.



one shot ginger
Just Add™ One Shot Ginger (35g):
Master the art of Asian cooking easily with our One Shot Ginger. Bursting with fresh root ginger, this puree encompasses a fiery, warm flavour with a smooth aftertaste.



one shot triple pack
Just Add™ One Shot: Triple Pack (35g):
Garlic, ginger and chilli purees; all of your favourite flavours in one pack. Packaged in perfect portion sized sachets – ideal for the busy chef who needs flavour instantly.