Our range of Just Addpurées are crafted from the highest quality ingredients and packaged to preserve their natural flavours. Designed to save you the hassle of chopping without compromising on taste, these easy-to-use squeezy tubes are make an easy and clean addition to your cooking.




just add chilli
Just Add™ Chilli (70g):
Give your curries a spicy kick with our Just Add™ Chilli. Made with real chilli peppers, this puree delivers strong flavour but with a mild heat and a gentle, smooth after taste.



just add garlic
Just Add™ Garlic (75g):
Why not add a powerful hit to your mayonnaise with our Just Add™ Garlic? Made with fresh garlic, this puree imparts the characteristic of sweet, warm allium, giving your dishes that well-loved flavour. If you're reducing your salt intake, this purée is a great substitute.



just add basil


Just Add™ Basil (75g):
Create delicious pasta dishes with our Just Add™ Basil. Made with freshly chopped basil, this puree captures the authentic and aromatic flavours of Mediterranean cooking.



just add ginger


Just Add™ Ginger (75g):
Master the art of Asian cooking easily with our Just Add™ Ginger. Bursting with fresh root ginger, this puree encompasses a fiery, warm flavour with a smooth aftertaste.



just add coriander
Just Add™ Coriander (75g):
Give your Asian or Fusion style cooking a fresh hit of our Just Add™ Coriander for that clean, crisp taste. Made with chopped coriander leaves, this aromatic puree is guaranteed to give your dish traditional flavour.



just add sundried tomato
Just Add™ Sun-dried Tomato (75g):
Top your pizzas with our Just Add™ Sun-Dried Tomato puree. Rich, sweet and made from delicious sun-dried tomatoes, this puree provides an innovative choice over traditional tomato blends.