Time Saver 150 150 Just Add™ UK

Time Saver

So much easier than having to do all the work yourself…good time-saving product.

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So easy 150 150 Just Add™ UK

So easy

Very tasty and easy to use. Very pleased with this product.

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Easy to use 150 150 Just Add™ UK

Easy to use

Great easy to use product and great flavour when cooking with food.

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Great 150 150 Just Add™ UK


Try a good squirt of this in some Mayo for a delicious garlic mayonnaise (without the garlic hands!).

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Super easy to use 150 150 Just Add™ UK

Super easy to use

I think this stuff if great – it saves me time when I want to use garlic in pasta, chilli, etc…plus I don’t have to clean the garlic press after! Also, very important – it tastes great in the dishes I have made with it so far.

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Makes wonderful garlic bread! 150 150 Just Add™ UK

Makes wonderful garlic bread!

We really love this, I’ve tried every ready prepared garlic on the market & most of it is in too large a quantity & I end up throwing it away. This is brilliant & makes lovely garlic bread, we don’t like things over garlicky so I spread the butter 1st & then a small quantity…

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Useful Cupboard Ingredient 150 150 Just Add™ UK

Useful Cupboard Ingredient

This is probably the best value of all the minced garlic products. Just look at the proportion of garlic. If you have no fresh or frozen garlic it works well in recipes. Also useful for creating a quick and easy garlic butter for garlic bread or to pop into a bowl of soup.

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Super lazy – super convenient 150 150 Just Add™ UK

Super lazy – super convenient

Does exactly what is says on the tin – useful when you haven’t much time and don’t want garlic smell on your hands…

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